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Welcome to Custom Cut Roofing. This site provides detailed information on our roofing process, please feel free to contact us for a quotation for your project.

What Is Custom Cut Roofing?

We have developed a system that enables us to prepare your roof off site as work continues with the construction of your walling / masonry. Our system is a unique, innovative way of providing a solution to the labour intensive, time consuming process of producing a cut roof for your project. Our system reduces on site labour costs and time by up to 40% and allows you to beat the weather and get your project protected from the elements sooner.

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Why Custom Cut Roofing?

It is widely accepted by professionals and builders within the industry that when it comes to roof construction for single houses, a traditional cut roof is by far the most structurally sound, cost effective and versatile choice of roof construction, that allows for a greater scope when it comes to design features and efficient use of space. Up until now, the main draw back with a traditional cut roof is that it has been very difficult and labour intensive to cut a roof on site, as has been the normal procedure, because of the technical accuracy required and the basic surroundings in which to achieve it. Not any more. With our system, we bring the setting out and cutting process back into the workshop, where it belongs. This makes the site construction process easier, quicker and cheaper.

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